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Our mission

To provide a trusted community where fashion lovers can rent, lend, resell and buy designer and vintage fashion. Our focus is about changing the way we consume fashion. Together through our actions daily we can pave the way to a more sustainable future.

We are Australia’s curated peer-to-peer fashion platform, empowering users to be smart and sustainable together.


Our story

Mills & York is about liberating great fashion from stylish wardrobes and creating a more circular fashion economy.

Enter the ever-changing world of fashion and not only monetise your own wardrobe, but have access to a new collection each and every day.

We want you to have fun, feel good about renting and reselling your style and make it work for you.

We believe fashion should be more sustainable, made possible by changing the way we shop and enjoy it.

There is no quick fix for the fashion industry. It can only begin to be more environmentally and socially conscious if those who engage with it decide to make a difference.



Sustainability drives every decision we make at Mills & York.

Fashion citizens are looking for a more socially conscious and sustainable way of consuming fashion.

Our mission is to challenge the status quo by giving new life to pre owned designer, vintage and sustainable brands through the circular economy.

By wearing one item of clothing for 9 months longer a person can actually reduce their carbon footprint by



Our founders

Our founders Annabel and Sophie have had their eco-awakening . Both have worked for many years in the fashion industry and are equally aware that it is time to make a difference.

Fuelled with a deep desire to change how we view fashion, Annabel and Sophie set out to create a platform for the community to rent, lend, resell and buy timeless fashion pieces.

Mills & York was born from their love of fashion and their vision to see beautiful pieces shared sustainably.

Inspired by the streets where they live, Mills and York is a sustainable approach to fashion- from my street to your street.