It's cool to care

25 Nov 2020


It's cool to care


After your garment has lived a long and productive life, it inevitably comes time to say goodbye. Instead of sending it to landfill, why not give it a second use? Recycle it, upcycle it, resell it — the possibilities are endless.


Recycle old clothes. Give clothes you no longer wear to a reputable textile recycling programme. Even though ~95% of discarded clothing can be recycled, nearly 73% of it ends up being burnt or in landfill.

Get creative. Use your creativity to breathe new life into old clothes. Customisation is a fun way to create something unique and one of a kind — plus it’s a fast growing fashion trend.

Find a partner-in-crime. With a great tailor, the possibilities for fashion customisation and repair are endless! Plus, you are helping to preserve the craft of tailoring.

Sell your stuff. Make some cash off gently worn items by selling on Mills & York. Reselling a cotton T-shirt secondhand — versus throwing it away — reduces its carbon impact by 14%.