The Women Behind Mills & York

04 Mar 2021


The Women Behind Mills & York

The Women Behind Mills & York 


Mills & York is the brainchild of two extremely driven and fashionable Melbourne based women: Sophie Gunnersen and Annabel Lott. The pair bonded over their love of fashion and how they could make a difference in the ever-changing fashion landscape. 

Through a combined vision to see beautiful pieces shared sustainably whilst also helping others understand their fashion footprint - Mills & York was born. 

The name stems from the very streets Sophie and Annabel live on, as they recognised their clothes began to travel back and forth between them. What started as two friends sharing a wardrobe, incidentally, became the foundation of their business. To the pair, sustainability means making better choices. It’s about doing the right thing in terms of prioritising the environment, making use of what you already own and asking the right questions to uphold what it truly means to be sustainable. 

Mills & York speaks to those who want to make a change in how they consume fashion but aren’t sure where to start. By creating a platform whereby one can learn how to increase the use of clothing and monetise what they already own, Sophie and Annabel believe that change can happen in the wardrobe of anyone, right now

The duo has designed Mills & York to include a community where their fashion citizens can not only be educated about what it means to be sustainable in 2020, but also make friends whilst passing on the stories that come and go in every wardrobe. Mills & York is more than a place to sell or rent your clothes, it’s a hub where we can bond over the love for a shared designer or swap best environmental tips. 

Sophie and Annabel realise that clothes won’t change the world, but those who buy them, wear them, mend them, rent them and resell them will. Their message isn’t to ‘never buy again’, it’s about being fashion smart - whether that’s buying vintage or monetising your wardrobe - so a little bit of everyone’s street can comes to yours, too.