Websites That Should Be on Your Ethical Fashion Radar

07 Nov 2021


Websites That Should Be on Your Ethical Fashion Radar

These Are The Websites That Should Be On Your Ethical Fashion Radar

Wanting to be more informed on ethical fashion and where to shop, but don’t know where to look? We’ve got you covered to assist you on your journey to be an ethical, knowledgeable consumer. 

  1. Ethical Clothing Australia

Ethical Clothing Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and an accredited body that works together with the local textile, clothing and footwear businesses that manufacture in Australia. Their overall goal is to work towards a more transparent industry where involved businesses ensure their supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant. The ECA accreditation and labelling system provides consumers with a way to recognise and support ethically made clothes in Australia. 

      2. Well Made Clothes

Well Made Clothes is a marketplace where the world’s best ethical fashion labels can be found. It brings consumers reassurance knowing that when they’re buying from a selected business on Well Made Clothes, they’re buying it directly from the label. It’s a website that has up-to-date information about the ever-evolving fashion industry and the labels they sell. The short of it, they sell clothing that looks good and is good.

     3. Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution was born in reaction to the Rana Plaza industrial disaster. Human rights and the climate crisis are at the core of this movement to alert consumers of the realities that are ongoing in the industry. Despite awareness growing, a large majority remain in the dark about the true cost and conditions of production. Fashion Revolution believes that no one should die for fashion and is why it exists, to prioritise people over growth.

     4. Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest was born from the understanding that the fashion industry is ever complex and feeling powerless is common when confronted with the facts. A carefully curated system has been developed to assist shoppers in the artful curation of their wardrobe, while also explaining what ethical fashion really is. Thread Harvest is a marketplace that seeks to educate the consumer to use their powers for good.

We at M&Y support them all !

Keep up the wonderful work.